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Phoenix Energy

Phoenix Energy is a concept for a natural energy drink created for an energy drink branding project. The natural elements, such as fruit juice and vitamins, are meant to be what sells the energy drink. I created the mascot, Coco, to go alongside the brand. 

Can label
Coco the phoenix

Coco the Phoenix is the mascot concept that would be a part of a virtual reality game to promote the product. Similar to Pokémon GO, Users would scan the QR code on the can to play the game and level up as they take care of him. As they would progress through the game, Coco will eventually grow into an adult phoenix. Users will be offered rewards the more they play the game. This would include free Phoenix Energy drinks, sweepstake entries, and more! 

billboard AD 
magazine AD 
Phoenix Logo.jpg

Logo concept 

Coco phoenix three stages.png

The concept for Coco the Phoenix 3 life stages: (left to right)

hatchling, baby, and adult phoenix 

billboard ad.jpg
Magazine ad.jpg
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