top of page, also known as the Philadelphia Inquirer, is a well-known and prestigious news outlet in Philadelphia. I collaborated on a winning campaign for their rebranding project, which was meant to bring in a new readership, mainly Millennials like ourselves. These campaign concepts were later used for some of their advertisements.


The slide show is from our presentation.
It shows our strategic analysis of the brand and introduction to our campaign. 
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Vocab stickers



Each sticker is a different vocabulary word of well-known Philadelphia slang. They're like vocab cards, only in sticker form.

This was later used in their campaign.

This is a mockup of what one of the stickers might look like in use. 

outdoor ad
Subway Ad.jpg

Philly Loud, Philly Proud is a slogan created to represent the pride a lot of Philadelphians feel for their city. We wanted something that represented and showcased that pride with some well-known images for Philadelphians. The background images are of the Eagles football team and a prominent mural in city, which Philadelphia is famous for.  

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